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The shape structure of the refined carving machine

Time:2023-07-14 Preview:

Processing Center: Hong Kong and Taiwan, and Guangdong are called computer gongs. It is a highly active multi -functional CNC machine tool with a knife library and active knife -changing equipment. The first processing center appeared in the United States in 1958. It can complete the processing of milling, drilling, scooping, hinge, and attack wires after the workpiece is installed at one time. The function emphasizes "milling".

Carving machine: It has a high spindle speed suitable for processing, and the torque is relatively small. It focuses on the "carving" function, such as wood (specially processed wooden boards called woodcarving machines), double -color boards, acrylic boards, etc. Too suitable large workpiece. At present, most of the products on the market under the banner of the carving machine are mainly processing crafts. The cost is low, because the accuracy is not high, it is not suitable for mold development; but there are also exceptions, such as chip carving machines. Copper carving and milling machine

Exciting machine: As the name suggests. It is capable of accurately carving or milling. Based on the carving machine, the main axis, servo motor power, bed tolerance, and maintain the high -speed of the main axis together. More importantly, the accuracy is very high.

Carving and milling machine: Carved and milling machines focus on carving and milling, which is a transition model between the precision carving machine and the processing center. Compared with the refined carving machine, its strength is that the machine is stronger, the processing power is higher, the power is large, and the suitable soft metal is cut. Compared with the strength of the machining center, it is: processing soft metals such as copper and aluminum is faster, and the precision processing speed of steel molds is higher. Its disadvantages should not be coarse and re -cut for large workpieces. The carving and milling machine also develops towards high -speed. Generally, it is called a high -speed machine. It has stronger cutting capacity and a very high processing accuracy. It can also directly process the hardness of the HRC60 or more.

In terms of appearance volume:

The processing center is the largest, the large 1690 machine is 4m*3m, and the small 850 -type machine is also 2.5m*2.5m. The smallest.

In terms of mechanical structure:

The processing center generally uses a cantilever. The sculptor and the carving machine are generally used in the dragon door architecture. The Dragon Gate type is divided into a beam type and a fixed beam type.

In terms of indicator data:

Motivation speed (R/min): 8000 machining center; the most common carving machine is 24,000, the minimum high -speed machine is 300,000; the carving machine is generally the same as the carving and milling machine. Not a general electrical main axis but air floating main shaft