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Why choose a dual spindle machining center?

Time:2023-12-22 Preview:

The simplest answer is because of productivity and profit. Double spindle machining centers can easily complete twice the workload of similar single spindle machining centers. Assuming that the workload to keep the machine busy is available. Without a doubt, manufacturers can use dual spindle machining centers to complete more parts processing in a shorter amount of time. With the increase in production, the throughput of the workshop greatly improves. Processing two workpieces simultaneously only takes up the space of one machine and one CNC operator, indirectly increasing the number of machines in the factory, reducing labor costs, and improving efficiency.

In industries such as mobile communication, electronic 3C, and positive and negative electrodes of new energy batteries, a single CNC operator can complete the work of multiple CNC operators, thereby reducing labor costs. Although the cost of a dual spindle machining center is much higher than that of a regular machine tool, the high output, high efficiency, and low labor cost of a dual spindle machining center are far superior to those of a regular single spindle machining center.