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What parts of the CNC system is composed of? What is its own role?

Time:2023-04-04 Preview:

1. Input/output device

The role of the input/output device is to input and output data such as CNC processing or motion control programs, processing and control data, machine tool parameters, and the status of the coordinate axis, the state of the detection switch. The keyboard and display are the most basic input / output device for any CNC device. In addition, according to the different CNC systems, it can also be equipped with light -electrical readers, tape machines or floppy drives. As a peripheral device, computers are one of the commonly used input / output devices.

2. CNC device

CNC device is the core of the CNC system. It consists of the input / output interface line, controller, operator, and memory. The role of CNC device is to compile, calculate and process the input device input data through internal logic circuits or control software, and output various information and instructions to control the specified actions of each part of the machine tool.

Among these control information and instructions, the most basic is the feed speed, feed direction, and instruction instruction of the coordinate axis. It is generated after inserting computing and provided to the servo driver. After amplifying the drive, it finally controls the displacement of the coordinate axis to meet the requirements of CNC processing. It directly determines the movement trajectory of the knife or coordinate axis.

In addition, depending on the system and equipment, such as: on CNC machine tools, there may also be the speed, steering, and stop instructions of the main axis; the selection and exchange instructions of the tool: the upper and stopped instructions of the cooling, the lubrication device; the loose instructions of the workpiece; the loosening of the workpiece Open, clamp the instruction; In the basic CNC system, they are provided to the external auxiliary control device through the interface and the signal form. The auxiliary control device is compiled and logically calculated on the above signals. , Hydraulic pneumatic auxiliary devices complete the actions specified in the instructions.

3. Servo driver

The servo driver is usually composed of a servo amplifier (also known as the driver, the servo unit) and the execution agency. On CNC machine tools, currently use AC servo motors as executive agencies; linear motors have been used on advanced high -speed processing machine tools. In addition, on the CNC machine tools produced before the 1980s, there are also DC servo motors; for simple CNC machine tools, step -by -step motors can also be used as performed devices. The form of a servo amplifier is determined by the execution device, and it must be used with the driving motor.

The above is the most basic part of the CNC system. With the development of CNC technology and the improvement of machine tool performance, the functional requirements of the system are also increasing. In order to meet the control requirements of different machine tools, ensure the integrity and unity of the CNC system, and facilitate users to use CNC systems generally have internal programming order controllers as auxiliary control devices for machine tools. In addition, on the metal cutting machine tool, the main axis driver can also become a part of the CNC system; on the closed -loop CNC machine tool, the measurement detection device is also essential for CNC systems. For advanced CNC systems, sometimes even computer interfaces and data management, input / output equipment of the system as the system as the system are used, so that the function of the CNC system is stronger and the performance is more complete.