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The difference between stamping hardware processing mold and plastic processing mold

Time:2023-02-14 Preview:

Automatic metal stamping parts processing molds are various stamping machines and special tools installed on the pressure machine in industrial production. These special tools are collectively referred to as hardware stamping molds, and the processed products are hardware stamping parts.

Plastic processing molds are a compressed molding mold. Squeezing injection and plastic molds are used to blow plastic and low foam. It mainly includes a variable cavity concave mold composed of a concave combination bottom plate, concave combination, and concave combination splint, and a variable core tap composed of a convex combination bottom plate, convex combination, and convex combination splint. Assist mold stamping and mold coordination system. It can process a series of plastic parts of different shapes and sizes.

The most fundamental difference between them is that the hardware products and plastic parts in plastic molds in the hardware stamping molds are different in the mold structure. Plastic mold has a cooling system, but the hardware mold is not. The molding principle of the product is also different. Plastic molds are formed by refrigeration after injection molding. Hardware molds are the standard thickness of steel plate cold backlog molding.

From the function of the mold, hardware molds are large -scale production tools for manufacturing metal products. Materials for customized car hardware processing are usually iron, copper or aluminum. Plastic molds are used as plastic products, and the raw materials used are also plastic raw materials.