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The role of digital servo system

Time:2023-05-10 Preview:

1) The sampling speed of the current ring circuit will be improved, and the improvement of the current control is added to reduce the temperature rise of the motor. In this way, it can not only extend the life of the motor, but also reduce the calories transmitted to the roller screw, thereby improving the accuracy of the screw. In addition, the acceleration of sampling speed can also increase the gain of the speed circuit, which helps improve the overall performance of the machine tool.

2) Since many new CNCs are connected to the servo circuit with high -speed sequences, CNC can obtain more motor and driver's working information through a communication link. This can improve the maintenance performance of machine tools.

3) Continuous location feedback allows high -precision processing when high -speed fees. The acceleration of CNC operational speed makes the position feedback the bottleneck that restricts the operating speed of the machine. In the traditional feedback method, with the changes in the sampling speed of the external encoder of the CNC and electronic devices, the feedback speed is restricted by the signal type. With serial feedback, this problem will be solved well. Even if the machine is running at a high speed, it can achieve precise feedback accuracy.

6. The work performance and welcome of a linear motor have improved significantly, so many processing centers use this device. Some advanced technologies make the maximum output force on the linear motor on the machine tool 15,500N and the maximum acceleration is 30G. The application of other advanced technologies has reduced the size of the machine tool, reduced weight, and the cooling efficiency is greatly improved. All these technical progress makes the linear motor stronger when compared with the rotating motor: higher advantages: higher/deceleration rate; more accurate positioning control, higher rigidity; higher reliability; internal dynamic systems; the internal dynamic systems; move