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Process flow of hardware painting equipment

Time:2022-11-24 Preview:

1. Pretreatment: pretreatment section includes upper part, wiping part, positioning, dedusting, etc. As the first step of hardware spraying equipment, it must be wiped clean, otherwise the treatment effect is not ideal;

2. Electrostatic dust removal: the processing requirements of the hardware spraying equipment are relatively high, and this section is essential, otherwise, a lot of dust will be adsorbed on the workpiece, and there will be many particles on the surface of the pot after spraying, which will reduce the output;

3. Spraying: the key point of this section is the technical problems of the spraying processing master. Skilled teachers will avoid all possible problems before production. It is impossible for a good teacher to make good products

4. Drying: temperature and baking time shall be noted in this section. Generally, 50-100 degree metal spraying is better, depending on the material and process of the workpiece.

Requirements for metal powder spraying

1. Pretreatment of metal powder spraying and paint spraying: degreasing water washing pickling for 15-30min (hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid) water washing neutralization water washing surface conditioning phosphating (skin touching) for 15-30min

2. Spraying the first primer is mainly for rust prevention. The time of front correction DISK rear correction leveling baking is generally determined by the process time. The process temperature of this process is generally set at 100 ℃ - 120 ℃ (the current temperature conditions are determined according to the process). The best way is to operate in assembly line. Main equipment: DISK can be used for spray guns if conditions permit

3. The third point and the second point are basically the same, but the workmanship is different. The temperature is between 120 and 180 degrees (depending on the paint characteristics and process), generally the finish paint and gold oil

4. The inspection specification of hardware powder spraying processing depends on the requirements of customers and the company's testing department. The main test methods are: ball drop test (using a solid ball with a diameter of 1.5CM and a hollow rod with a length of 1.5M to test the strength and adhesion of paint). Baige test (utility knife and tape to test the adhesion of paint)

5. Precautions: The surface shall be free of bruises, scratches, color differences, sagging (flow marks), color pollution, impurities, burrs, incomplete correction, and leakage. The surface shall be leveled, free of bumps, and the surface of the base material shall be flat and smooth (operation can only be carried out after polishing if necessary), as well as other requirements specified by the customer (packaging, etc.)

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