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One of the key factors of the correct use of aluminum alloy CNC processing equipment

Time:2023-02-20 Preview:

Which is better to process CNC precision parts: the requirements are for every job, because it will also endanger the quality of the equipment produced, so considering the maintenance of equipment quality, everyone must not only have requirements for machinery and equipment, but also need to use employees' use of employees. There are requirements with some processing materials. This must have a certain specification. Only such a consistency can make the finished product that everyone is ideal. So let's find out what is the requirements for materials for the processing of CNC precision parts?

If the tested contour is a strange edge, the circular error cannot be measured by two points, and the three -point method can be used to accurately measure. Use the V -type bracket T to support the measurement of the measurement of the measurement, and use a thousand feet to measure the large error generated by a cycle of the workpiece of the product as a circular error for the section. The commonly used V -intersecting α α is 60 degrees, 72 degrees, 90 degrees, 108 degrees, and 120 degrees. The three -point method can also be used for high -precision precision measurement in precision part processing.

In the use and management of CNC machine tools, machine processing manufacturers should formulate a series of effective and effective operating procedures. For example, the system of lubrication, maintenance, reasonable use and standardization is the main content of the use and management of CNC equipment. The formulation and compliance with aluminum alloy CNC processing procedures are one of the important measures to ensure the safe operation of CNC machine tools. Practice has proved that following operating regulations can reduce a lot of failures.