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CNC processing advantages and disadvantages

Time:2023-02-24 Preview:

The advantages and disadvantages of CNC processing: Many parts that reduce the total number of work clothes, and the complicated parts of processing do not need to be complicated. If you want to change the form and specifications of the parts, you must only change the process process of parts, and apply new product research and development and modification. The processing quality is stable, the processing is high, and the high accuracy is repeated, and the processing regulations of the four -axis aircraft are integrated.

A variety of types and large -scale production are high -quality work efficiency, which can reduce the time of production site management, machine tool adjustment and process process inspection, and reduce drilling time due to the application of good drilling. The complexity of the basic method of processing is difficult to process, and can even process some processing positions that cannot be observed.

What are the methods of CNC parts processing technology? The actual selection of drilling use, the staff based on the material, strength, drilling condition, the type of raw material, the laser cutting convergence, etc. The amount of cutting. This standard is an idealized standard for rational maintenance of equipment damage.

Choose suitable game props. In rough cars, generally speaking, the selection of high -pressure resistance and durable CNC blade, which can reach the rough car faster. Choose a scientific and reasonable tooling fixture. The parts must meet the necessary equipment to reduce many unnecessary accurate positioning deviations, and choose a dedicated tools for special -type tooling fixtures. During the work, the left winger clearly clear the processing line. Reduce the device processing line as much as possible to reduce the damage of the equipment