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How is sheet metal surface processing

Time:2023-03-10 Preview:

Sheet metal stamping process is suitable for stamping processing, opening and wiping of mute cabinets and power distribution cabinets. Pressorrhea: Select the stamping machine based on the cold stress of the product. The application of the mold must be applied after the mold is detected. So how can we better process the appearance of sheet metal? Let us take a simple look:

Strictly abide by the first metal test, the middle sampling inspection, and the final component inspection; check the processing specifications of the product workpiece according to the pattern or process file; 10%-15%;

During the adjustment period, check the safety factor and stability of the role of mechanical equipment and electrical equipment; the parts to be processed can only be processed after the previous program process is checked. Before processing There are incorrect; learn the corresponding molds in accordance with the processing regulations; first, the stamping machine slider bits the slider, and then assemble the upper control module into the slider's slot. Tight screws and top screws, the upper control module and the bottom of the slider must not have a gap in the middle;

Wash and clean the bed body, remove the oil stains and iron sales, put the lower control module on the stamping processing table; click to use the hand to start the vehicle or install the large car, so that the slider can be put on the mold from the bottom dead point, and the adjustment can be adjusted. The height of the crankshaft makes the schedule of the mold appropriate; adjust the mold gap to ensure that the surrounding gap is well -proportioned; pave the lower mold plate, the block and the bottom template at the same height, will not change the point symmetry; Loose;

Carry out the sheet metal test, check whether the horizontal section is neat, mean, and well -proportioned; adjust the printing and production of printing according to the specifications, set up vertical standards (front and back, left and right) and level standards (manipulation); The version of the version should be placed flat to the bottom mold; when opening and wiping the corner, pay attention to the overall goal of processing to avoid incorrect opening; the parts after processing should be classified, placed neatly, and a good logo.