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What skills should CNC parts processing personnel possess?

Time:2023-09-25 Preview:

CNC parts processing has a high degree of automation, good accuracy, and high work efficiency. However, these are inseparable from the preparation before processing, supervision of the processing process, and inspection of the processing effect of professional CNC parts processors. CNC processing cannot do without a professional processor. Below, we will introduce the necessary skills for professional CNC processors.

1. Proficient in processing principles and processes. When using common CNC machining techniques, processors should follow the principles of rough machining first, then precision machining, preventing workpiece thermal deformation, and reducing vibration. At the same time, it is also necessary to have the ability to handle various unexpected problems, such as how to adjust the tool speed.

2. Familiar with automatic or manual operations of CNC machining. Processors should have a clear understanding of which processes require manual operation, and what is the normal operating state of the machine tool during manual operation; What process is automatic operation applicable to, and what state should the machine tool be in. A professional CNC processor states that being familiar with the above operations helps to carry out processing work and can handle any situation with ease.

The above are the essential basic skills for professional CNC part processors. Only by mastering these skills can they better independently complete CNC machining operations. To become a qualified CNC processor, only by constantly asking questions and practicing in the workplace can one make their skills more solid.