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What precautions does the hardware spraying factory have when using the hardware spraying machine?

Time:2022-11-24 Preview:

1. The equipment of the hardware spraying factory needs to be inspected and maintained regularly to prevent problems and ensure the reliable operation of the equipment.

2. Clean the equipment regularly to ensure that it is clean. It is recommended to use high-pressure air to blow out the residues within the hardware spraying range.

3. Check the oil suction pipe regularly to ensure that the paint runs smoothly and the nail supply system runs smoothly.

4. When the operation panel cannot work normally, please check according to the fault displayed on the panel (such as whether the sensor reaches the negative limit, etc.).

5. When the operating system is not powered on, please check whether the fuse is damaged and the switch is open.

6. The running parts (such as oil cylinder sliding rod, rotating lever, joint sliding parts, etc.) and bearings of the spray machine need to be lubricated frequently; The chain should also be kept lubricated, and it cannot run without lubricating oil. Please turn off the power.

Hardware spraying machine well maintained by hardware spraying factory can reduce equipment failure and prolong service life. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the equipment every day.