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What are the advantages of automatic hardware spraying of hardware spraying factory?

Time:2022-11-24 Preview:

The hardware spraying factory said that the color and filler often sink during the transportation and storage of the hardware spraying, which is still invalid after shaking. The reason is, what are the advantages of the automatic hardware spraying equipment introduced by the paint spraying factory? How can we reduce or reduce paint hazards?

The hardware spraying factory explained that benzene and benzene analogues and toluene dihydrogen ester in polyester paint are the most harmful to human health. The best way to reduce its harm is to use automatic fuel injection equipment instead of manual operation. At present, many large and small enterprises of automatic hardware spraying line are gradually turning to the operation of automatic equipment. Another advantage of using automatic hardware spraying equipment is that the product hardware is sprayed evenly, the quality of hardware spraying is improved, and the production capacity is greatly improved.

The organic solvent vapor will stimulate the eye mucous membrane and make people cry; Contact with skin will cause skin oil to dissolve and penetrate into tissues, interfering with physiological functions and dehydration; And the skin is dry and infected with dirt and bacteria. Dermal keratinolysis causes cutification of the epidermis, and stimulates the epidermis to cause redness and blistering. The penetration of solvent into the human body and the destruction of blood cells and bone marrow are caused by respiratory organs. Anaesthesia often occurs when solvent vapor is inhaled into the human body through respiratory organs. After inhaling the vapor, most of it reaches the lungs through the enterprise tube, and then spreads to other organs through blood or lymph, leading to different degrees of poisoning. Because the alveolar area of the human body is dozens of times of the body surface area, and the blood circulation spreads very fast, it often affects the respiratory tract, nervous system, lung, kidney, blood and hematopoietic system. Attention. Hazards caused by digestive organs The main reasons for organic solvents to pass through the digestive system are eating, smoking or touching the mouth with fingers in places contaminated by solvent vapor. Vomiting, then in the digestive system, can harm other organs.

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