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The structure and application of the Longmen Processing Center

Time:2023-07-25 Preview:

The Longmen Processing Center is a relatively large machine tool. The smallest Longmen Machining Center has a itinerary of more than 1000mm, and it is called the terminal of the large vertical processing center.

   Structural classification of Longmen Processing Center

   Longmen processing center's Longmen frame consists of two components such as two columns, beams, sliding saddles, etc. The Longmen Processing Center can be a fixed beam, beam and pillar dragon gate processing center based on the Longmen frame. The beams of the top beam -type dragon gate processing center are fixed and the workbench moves; the beam of the beam -type dragon gate processing center moves up and down, the motion -column dragon gate processing center workbench is fixed, and the dragon gate frame moves. The Longmen Processing Center is vertical and the workbench is more suitable for processing large -scale parts.

Application of Longmen Processing Center

   Longmen Processing Center belongs to large machine tools. It is a large machine tool designed specifically for processing large parts. It is mainly used in the heavy industry, such as aircraft, automobiles, ships and other heavy industries. Frames and certain parts on large machinery. All in all, the Dragon Gate Processing Center is a large machine tool designed to process large -scale complex parts, which is suitable for various industries, especially large parts industry.