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The characteristics of CNC processing technology

Time:2023-06-08 Preview:

The CNC CNC processing process also complies with mechanical processing cutting rules, which is generally the same as the processing process of ordinary machine tools. Because it is an automated processing of computer control technology in machinery processing, it has the characteristics of high processing efficiency and high accuracy. The processing process has its own special features. The process is more complicated.

The CNC CNC processing process includes the selection of tools, the determination of the cutting parameters, and the design of the knife process route. CNC CNC processing process is the foundation and core of CNC programming. Only by reasonable processes can we compile more high -efficiency and high -quality CNC programs. Measure the standards for the quality of the CNC program: less processing time, smaller tool loss and processing workpieces with better results.

CNC processing process is part of the overall processing process of the workpiece, and even a process. It must cooperate with other front and rear processes in order to meet the assembly requirements of the overall machine or mold, so as to process qualified parts.

CNC processing processes are generally divided into rough processing, medium -rough corner processing, semi -precision processing and refinement processing.