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Specific process and method of small household appliance design

Time:2022-11-21 Preview:

The design of small household appliances is one of the basic activities of human beings to transform nature. Design is a complex thinking process, which contains opportunities for innovation and invention. The purpose of design is to generate certain information (text, data, graphics) through a series of planning and analysis decisions, form a design, and make the design a product that benefits mankind through manufacturing.

The design process refers to the whole design process from determining design tasks to preparing technical documents. Generally speaking, the whole design process can be divided into four main stages: clear design task requirements, principle scheme design, technical design and construction design.

Development and design: in the case of complete unknown working principle and structure, the application of mature science and technology or new technology is feasible through experiments, and an unprecedented new type of machinery is designed. This is a completely innovative design.

Adaptive design: On the premise that the principle scheme is basically unchanged, the product shall be partially modified or new parts shall be designed to make the product more suitable for use in terms of quality and quantity.

Variant design: change the result configuration and size of existing products to meet more capacity requirements without changing the working principle and functional structure. The capacity here has a wide range of meanings, such as power, torque, size of processing objects, speed ratio range, etc.

In product design, development design is still a minority. In order to give full play to the potential of existing mechanical products, adaptive design and variant design are particularly important. But as a designer, no matter what kind of design you are engaged in, you should strive to innovate. Innovation can make development design, adaptive design and variant design unique and refreshing. With the increasingly fierce market competition, designers must put the development of new products in an important position, so that the products can be constantly updated and the technical reserves can be constantly enhanced, so that they can remain invincible in the market competition.

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