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Precision hardware processing level inlet knowledge points

Time:2023-02-09 Preview:

Grade molding, also known as multi -station -level molding, continuous molds, and jumping molds. The number of equal stations of stamping parts processed in a pair of molds is set on each station. The basic stamping process to complete the processing of a part of the stamping parts. The processing materials are processed in advance to a certain width band, and the new energy hardware is processed through a certain feed method. After stamping one by one, you can get a complete stamping part. In a pair of levels, no matter how complicated the shape of the stamping parts, or how many stamping processes are, you can use a pair of levels to punch.

At present, the use of grades is quite wide. It can process various materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, copper and other metal materials. The materials used in the grade inlet are all long strips. Because the materials are thick and the production batch is small, it can be cut into strips; coils used for large -scale production should be selected. The coil can be automatically feed and receive, and can be automatically stamped with a high -speed punch. Grade molds have strict requirements for the thickness and width of the material. If the width is too large, the band material cannot enter the mold guide board or channel is not smooth; if the width is too small, it will affect the positioning accuracy, and the parts such as the side and the punch are easily damaged.