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What points should be paid attention to when dragon door milling processing and installation workpiece

Time:2023-03-10 Preview:

When the dragon door milling processing and installation of workpieces, if you need to use the iron pad, you should put a certain thickness copper plate (about 5mm) between the machine tool tables on the pads and the workbench, to prevent the machine tool work table and The surface of the workpiece is generated. When using the iron pad iron, pay attention to the low -iron and fixed screws as low as possible, and the iron pad should be placed outside a certain area of the workpiece processing range to avoid the iron pads and the knife head and knife clip, and hit it. Cause damage. When loading and unloading workpieces, we should put it lightly and minimize the workpiece on the work table as much as possible. The edges and corners of the multi -workpiece are dragged on the workpiece on the machine table. A degree; prohibit tools such as sleeves, screw wrenchs, screws, gum hammers, oil stones, knife and other tools on the machine tablet to prevent the crash from the machine table work table. The operation method of Dragon Gate milling processing: Before booting, first check whether the lubricant is moderate and whether the machine tool status is normal, and then turn on the machine tool power supply (when the machine tool is turned on, the screw will be spin from "OFF", pulls to the "ON" position), and then open control. Panel power switch, spin the emergency stop button.

After booting, first of all, the original point of the machine tool returned and the knife library was zero. Check out whether the setting of the tool relative to the workpiece is safe before the origin of the origin, and then determine how the original point returns (the machine can be returned to zero according to the sequential axis). Return to zero). Check the handover records, and clarify today's tasks and precautions. Each processing part must check whether the processing program is ready, whether the tools used are complete and intact, the tool is numbered, and the knife number is written on the knife. Easy to check. Prepare the workpiece and fixture according to the requirements of the programmer to determine the method of installing the folder (oil stones should be smoothed with oil and stones).