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The choice of a CNC Dragon Gate Processing Center?

Time:2023-07-25 Preview:

The choice of tools is performed in the interaction of the man -machine programming of CNC. It should correctly select the tool and handle according to the processing capacity of the machine and the performance of the tool material, the amount of processing process, and other related groups. The general principles of the selection of tools are: convenient, good rigidity, high durability and high accuracy. Under the premise of meeting the processing requirements, try to choose a shorter handle to improve the rigidity of the tool processing. The specific selection method is the following 4 points.

     When selecting a tool, the size of the tool is adapted to the surface size of the processing workpiece. During the production, the vertical milling cutter is often used for processing plane parts: when milling plane, a hard alloy blade and milling cutter should be selected; when processed the convex and grooves, choose a high -speed steel blame milling cutter; At the time of the hole, the rice milling cutter with a hard alloy blade is optional; when some three -dimensional type and the shape of the diagonal angle contour are added, the ball head milling cutter, ring milling cutter, tapered milling cutter and discs are often used.

/(2/) Settlement of free song/(mold/) processing

At this time, in order to ensure the processing accuracy, the cutting distance is generally tightly tential, and the end cutting speed of the ball header tool is zero, so it is commonly used for fine processing. The flat -headed tool is superior to the ball head knife in terms of quality and cutting efficiency. For this, as long as it is guaranteed that the curved surface is not spermatic, the flat -headed tool should be given priority. In addition, the durability and accuracy of the tool are very related to the price of the tool. In most cases, although the selection of tools increases the cost of the tool, the improvement of the processing quality and processing efficiency brought by it can greatly reduce the entire processing cost.


     /(3/) In the processing center, various tools are installed on the knife library, and the knife and settlement action are carried out at any time according to the program regulations. Therefore, standard knife handles must be used to drill, hammer, expand, milling and other processes. The standard tools used quickly and accurately on the upper shaft or knife library of machine tools. Programmers should understand the structure size, adjustment method, and adjustment range of the knife handle used on the machine to determine the radial and axial size of the JJ 具 during programming. A few days ago, my country's processing center adopted a TSG tool system. The handle has two types of straight handle/(3 specifications/) Li glared handle/(4 specifications/), including 16 types of unavailable knife handles.