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Talking about the Development Trend of Precision Parts Processing

Time:2023-07-03 Preview:

As a problem for the industry of fine parts machining, it seems a bit biased. After all, who would say that the company I am currently working for is not good? However, the prospects for fine mechanical processing in China cannot be pessimistic. It can be said that it is a sunset professional. At present, there is a surplus of professional talents in mechanical manufacturing. Ten years ago, in the 1990s, this major was very popular. Since then, universities have expanded their enrollment in this industry, and many schools have established this major in a variety of ways.

Then in the new century, with the widespread development of electronic computers, digital automation technology, network technology, and automatic control, the mechanical processing and manufacturing industry has gradually been invaded by other professions. After joining the World Trade Organization, the original manufacturing industry could no longer rot. After joining the WTO, the impact on manufacturing industries in Germany, Europe, America, and Japan was devastating.

Take a look out of the street, which car is made by humans? What is the proportion of manufacturing? Looking at other industries, such as simple valves and household appliances, how much higher is the price of imports compared to domestically produced ones? The key parts are all foreign technologies! Most manufacturers nowadays entrust their main components to foreign consumers.

In fact, a part of the above paragraph about parts processing was actually seen online, which is indeed very reasonable. However, today I want to say that those are only the most fundamental prospects for mechanical processing, and the prospects for truly fine parts processing are very good. In the future, whether it is cars, watches, computers, mobile phones, etc., it is not necessary to use very fine parts, where do these parts come from, It is all produced by fine mechanical processing.