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Processing Center Control System

Time:2023-03-06 Preview:

When processing high -precision free curved surfaces, the trajectory composed of straight lines and arcs causes huge parts of parts. These data streams need to be stored and processed by the machine tool control system. Important indicators of work efficiency. At present, the process segment processing time of the high -end CNC control system can generally reach 0.5ms (such as Hydehan's ITNC530 CNC system), and the processing time of the program segment of individual CNC systems has been shortened to 0.2 ~ 0.4ms.

The modern CNC CNC system applied to the high -speed processing of molds, in addition to the short program processing time necessary for ensuring high -speed feed speed, it should also have NURBS and samples interpolation functions, and can work with nano resolution. In order to obtain high processing accuracy and surface quality under high -speed processing.

At present, high -end CNC systems can also be connected to the CAD/CAM systems of different manufacturers. The data is transmitted from the CAD/CAM system to Ethernet at a high speed to the control system. CAD/CAM integration to the control system can largely make good results in the processing of complex outlines of the mold, and make very important contributions to shortening the adjustment time and programming time.

Selection and use of tools in the processing center


The processing center is expensive and cost -effective, in order to improve the work efficiency of the processing center. Its tools must be highly accurate, rigid, easy to adjust, and have strong cutting performance and high durability. This article proposes some principles that should be followed from the perspective of the actual processing of the processing center.

CNC milling machines are developed on the basis of general milling machines. The processing technology of the two is basically the same and the structure is similar. Essence