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What are the factors that affect the hardness of the processing hardness of Dongguan CNC?

Time:2023-04-20 Preview:

Affected by processing materials. The raw material of the product is an important factor that directly affects the hardness of the parts. When users choose processing materials, they basically determine the hardness of the parts. If the hardness of the processing materials is relatively small, the plasticity will be relatively large. Before processing parts, engineering and technical personnel of both parties are generally required to dock and communicate.


From the shape of the tool shape. To achieve blank transformation into parts, the tools processed by the machine are indispensable. The wear of the front corner of the knife, the corner of the blade mouth, and the knife surface will have a great impact on the hardening layer on the surface of the part; The depth will also increase as the front angle of the tool, the blade mouth and the wear of the back.

The impact of the amount of cutting, changes in the amount of feed and cutting speed can also affect the hardness during part processing. When the economic speed of the tool increases, the surface hardness will increase. If the cutting speed of the tool increases, the contact time of the processing workpiece of the tool and the surrounding parts will be shortened, the probability of plastic deformation will be reduced, and the tough layer and hardness will be reduced.