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CNC processing advantage

Time:2023-03-15 Preview:

1. High efficiency

     CNC processing has a significant advantage of high efficiency, and it can complete a variety of complex shape processing tasks. By simulating and analyzing the shape and structure of the product, the processing procedure can be set to enable the machine tool to achieve multiple repeatable processing in one setting. As long as the tool is replaced, different processing requirements can be met. Compared with traditional manual operations and ordinary mechanical processing methods, CNC processing efficiency is much higher, which can greatly improve production efficiency.

2. High accuracy

     CNC processing technology can achieve high -precision processing, and can achieve extremely high -precision processing and minor operations. Because the processing process of CNC processing is controlled by the computer control system, the operator only needs to enter the size and data that needs to be processed, so that the computer automatically calculates the process of processing the process of processing and the various parameters of the knife, which can achieve the high -precision processing effect. The processing accuracy of CNC processing can reach 0.01mm of total size, which is more precise than traditional manual or mechanical processing methods.

3. Multiple production

     CNC processing technology can achieve multiple repeated processing. As long as different workpieces are replaced, the production of components that require the same processing process can be completed, while ensuring the quality of each workpiece. This can greatly improve production efficiency and increase production volume, suitable for some industries that continuously produce a large number of the same or similar parts. In addition, CNC processing technology can automatically change the processing procedures according to the number and requirements of customer order to meet the needs of different production batches.

Fourth, processed multiple materials

     CNC processing technology can process various materials, such as aluminum, steel, copper, brass, plastic, composite materials, etc., which can handle the surface and internal processing requirements of various materials, and the application scope is very wide. In this way, it can make it have a wide range of application sites in the entire mechanical processing, thereby meeting the needs of different customers.

5. Flexible change

     CNC processing technology can continuously change, and meet the different needs and processing requirements of customers at any time, which can flexibly change the processing procedures and processing methods. In order to achieve the synergy of processing rates and quality in a short period of time, different process parameters and tool paths can be set by using computers, so that the entire processing process can be used to achieve complex and automated production, thereby improving efficiency.